4l80e tail housing bolt size

4l80e tail housing bolt size Using a 15mm swivel socket, remove the bolt. 3l v8 4. Gear ratios bolt,hex socket head. Engine Type/Size BUSHING TAIL HOUSING, Transfer Case, (slip yoke type) (2. The bellhousing is standard GM length and accepts the standard OEM size lock-up torque converter for a direct bolt in replacement of GM 4L80e transmissions. This kit contains these separately packaged & labeled fastener component kits: Windshield Wiper Arm, Grille Brace, Headlight Brace, Cowl Vent, Front K-Frame to RCS, Splash Guard, Heater Blower, Tail Light Mount, Deck Lid, Rear Quarter Extensions, Hood Bumper, Hood Latch, Hood Hinge, Fender, Trunk Latch & Catch, Lower Fender Turbine Housing, K26 flanged in and out for Audi 5 Cylinder K24/K26 direct replacement, 4 bolt outlet GT28 . These converters will only fit motors with full size bell housings. Set includes Find Automatic Transmissions with Chevy Bellhousing Bolt Pattern and 4L80E Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Save on Dorman - Help Torque Converter Bolts M10-1. ). I'm looking to get the "freshest" 4L60E I can find at the bone yard, and it's probably going to be a later model 6 bolt tailshaft housing type. “The 7. 5 60mm -4 neededM10 1. Install this lower piece and the starter if you’ve already installed the converter bolts. The 4L80E uses the larger 32-spline output shaft and offers the  A B C D D E F G H Trans Model Bell Housing Main Case Case Extension Length to Flange Length to Shaft Engine Block to Converter Lug Length to Extension Housing Engine Block to Mount 4L80E/4L85E 1991-Later (bellhousing pattern - Chevrolet) Small Block, 281/8, 253/4, 2411/16, N/A 1-Hole / 1-Bolt, 183/4  The main question is what would it take to use a 4l80e out of a military Humvee in a 2wd c3500? yoke may be 2 different sizes between the yokes, but you can find that at the parts store. 0L or LSA/LS9 (8 bolt flywheel engines). to G35Vortec454 You need a tail housing (aka extension housing) it will bolt right onto your 4x4  The 4L80E is a descendent of the proven TH400 transmission design. The flutes will channel a steady supply of lube oil directly to the overdrive planetary gearset. 187. S-10/15 Pickup, Blazer, Jimmy, Camaro Firebird. The physical size of the 80e is damn near the same as a th400. There are several lengths of the stock 2WD transmission output  Notice the 3 bolt circle on the newer flexplate is a smaller diameter than the older style torque Replaces 2 1/2" tailhousing, requires GM speed buffer (incl). OEM Mercedes Underbody Shield Speed Nut - OE Supplier 0019949845 Dec 05, 2007 · To access each bolt, use the converter access hole to turn the flex plate with a screwdriver. Crankshaft Material: Cast Iron. Some also had a longer shift shaft for the MLPS. The LS/LT Gen III engine family started in 1997 and was a clean slate design. There are M10 studs used professionally to help align the pump body for installation, but careful alignment will be sufficient. This 7-3/8” long extension housing can eliminate transmission crossmember modifications when replacing a TH400 or TH2004R The C4 Corvette does not have a normal tranny mount. 04. 95. Bell housing with Chevy bolt pattern included. 1966-1968 Used with 3857584 tail stud type shift shafts. Oct 29, 2010 · Remove convertor bolts had to get a 2008 Chevrolet Express 4. Converter weights will be similar for a given combination with the same size converter. He said he only had to bump the trans hull a little bit and of cource cut and move the tranny cross member back a couple inches. 48 for the 400/4l80e, 3. 99 model # 855a : screw, 10-24 x 1/2" countersunk s/s, ratchet arm to cover switch housing. 010" O. Please check the notes on the flexplate  fuel injector info / physical size / connector types 4. Long boss bolt on type with neutral safety switch. 95 Bellhousing To Block Fasteners, Bolts, Flanged Hex Head, 10mm x 1. We have a very large supply of original Ford Toploader tail housings. Also on later models ('97 and up) the rear cooling line fitting has an extended tube that goes inside the  1 May 1999 The 200-4R (top) is the same size as the TH-350 (bottom) and the Powerglide. D. REBUILT 2WD 6 BOLT TAIL HOUSING WITH 2WD OUTPUT SHAFT Will Work For 98-up 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E WITH 2 PIECE CASE (Will NOT work for 1998-2002 F Body Camaro, Firebird with the torque arm mount, however will replace the stock extension housing in F Body applications if you have a torque arm mount relocating kit) Included: Tail Housing NEW Housing to Case O-Ring NEW Extension Housing Seal NEW The rear tailhousing bolt pattern remained the same, but its indexing bore diameter was changed. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. This will move the mount to the rear 5 1/2 inches. 7 L automatic trans? I have removed 6 "stud bolts" but engine still won't separate from trans bell housing. Some flexplates include the spacer, bolts, and extension (if required). 50 ft-lbs : Flexplate To Crankshaft Bolts. Mar 24, 2020 · The 4l80e is a lot heavier and larger in size than the 4l60e. Remove the transmission bell housing bolts, except one at the bottom. 41349-A6515. Forward shift pattern same as Power-Glide. Monster GM 2wd 4L60E 4L70E 6 Bolt Tail Housing Includes a new bushing & seal installed WE ALSO HAVE MANY OTHER PARTS FOR THIS TRANSMISSION. 77. * An extension housing p/n 8673406 (old p/n 24214689) is available for the TH700R4/4L60 transmission that moves the rear transmission mount to the same position as a TH400 (short-style 4" tail) or TH200-4R transmission. The installation of an OEM 4L80E fluted sun gear shaft bushing into the overrun clutch housing is highly recommended. 2. Sep 11, 2013 · Or, as you will see here, you can jump up a level, installing the much more robust and heavy duty GM 4L80E in place, which will bolt a much better stock unit between your engine and rear end, one Apr 24, 2015 · In other words it’s not mushy despite its small size and high stall speed for street driving. 36 kits found for Bellhousing Bolts : These premium grade bolt and stud kits are engineered to properly engage the engine block threads and resist loosening. The center of the top front bolt hole for the shifter mount is 4 1/4 inches from the front of the tail housing. 9 kits found for Torque Converter Bolts : ARP Torque Converter bolts are rated at 200,000 psi and come with hardened parallel-ground washers, where applicable Dimension "C" is the distance from the bellhousing to the center of the transmission mounting pad. $3,248. Step 5: Replace Bushings. 50" long bolt. Solid steel speedo housing comes with seal and O ring. Distance from mounting face to U-Joint center 5. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. 99 4 V-Ring Tie Down Anchors | 2" Diameter Steel Bolt-on D-Rings for Cargo on Trucks, Pickups, Trailers | Flush Mount TieDown Anchor, Replacement for D-Ring Tie-Down w/Plastic Pan Fitting B016YJY7L8 * Coupon does not apply to Oval Size Matters T-Shirt; None Ford Transmission GM Powerglide GM TH400 / 4L80E Lenco Housing end bolt patterns can be confirmed Throttle Body Bolts : 106 lb in : Transmission Housing Bolt : 37 lb ft : Valve Lifter Guide Bolts : 106 lb in : Valve Rocker Arm Bolts : 22 lb ft : Valve Rocker Arm Cover Bolts : 106 lb in : Water Inlet Housing Bolts : 11 lb ft : Water Pump Bolts (First Pass) 11 lb ft : Water Pump Bolts (Final Pass) 22 lb ft : Water Pump Cover Bolts : 11 lb ft The 4R100 comes in the gas or 7. To gain level or tilted slightly rear-down, and hold the patterns and hole sizes match. Now, I'm not talking about an LSx type trans, but one that came in a C/K truck or a van, maybe even an S10, depending on condition, with the "classic" engine bolt pattern. This is a simple 30 minute bolt on installation. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Nuts, Bolts and Fasteners Pans, Filters and Gaskets Radiators and Coolers Shifters and Shifter Kits Speedometer Needs Converter Lock Up Wiring Torque Converters TV and Throttle Cables TV Made EZ Systems 4L80E Transmissions 4L60E Transmissions 765R4 Transmissions 6L80E Transmissions Transmission Components Hot New Products 4L80E Performance Specs. 4L80E The bellhouse bolt pattern is the traditional SBC/ BBC pattern. The extra bolt holes on my 4L80E tail housing are good because it makes it easier to build an adapter and bolt it to the C-Beam. 5 65mm-1 neededM10 1. Your rear diff is a 9. Step 6: Install Tail Housing. Loosen the four bolts that hold the tail housing in place. Mar 23, 2018 · The NP205 is a durable cast iron housing gear-driven part time transfer case and holds up nicely to the big Caddy's torque output. All stall speeds are an estimate. 73 x 8. Sep 03, 2017 · Connecting Rod Housing Bore: 2. GM Chevy Lokar Hi-Tech Flexible Braided Stainless Trans mount Transmission Dipstick for GM 4L80E Transmission. Minimum tensile strength is 150,000 psi. Please confirm the bolt pattern on the applications tab. 75 x 100mm) 4-to-1 (4:1) transfer case gearing in an NP205/203 package strong enough for big block power and full size trucks. We have built them for applications ranging from heavy towing vehicles to 1800+ HP street/strip cars. Install the four bolts that secure the rear extension housing to the rear retainer housing. Just with these numbers, you can probably calculate that there is a big difference in size and weight between these transmissions. Speedo gear clip for Muncie transmissions with 190109Automatic 4-Speed 4L60E M30 4 Bolt Housing Automatic 4-Speed 4L60E – 4 Bolt Housing. pickups and G-series (full-size) vans until 1990 when GM switched over to the 4L80E. 00 Total cost $3,420. Like the TH400, the 4L80E generally featured a large 32 spline output shaft in both the various 2wd and 4wd applications. 23 4L80E Performance Specs. # 15284612 15 Pcs. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. 4l60e To 4l80e Swap Crossmember 4x4 190109Automatic 4-Speed 4L60E M30 4 Bolt Housing Automatic 4-Speed 4L60E – 4 Bolt Housing. Bracket is designed Right side tail light of a BRI-MAR EH series trailer but can be used universally as well. Reluctor Wheel: 58X BRI-MAR Steel Light Box for 6-1/2" Oval Tail Light is designed with a hole for mounting the light with a grommet. Replaces 7″ tailhousing. When it was introduced, the original small-block Chevy engine was still in production, and it was retained for the LS Gen III line of engines. Transmission Type. The gas version is almost the same as the 5R110 pattern (the gas 4R100 is missing two holes on the top) , so it is possible to bolt a gas 4R100 case to most aftermarket 5R110 adapters and even 6. (1480 is a additional Flex plate: You will need a flexplate and spacer from ¾ ton GM truck that originally came with a 4L80E. A little background in case it helps: I originally wanted to use the NV4500 5-speed manual for this project. The tailhousing bolt pattern is the same as the TH400, but indexed with a different diameter. Hopefully you will know what size the u-joints are for that vehicle. So I went to Lowes to get replacement screws. M6. It is the strongest 4 speed automatic built. All weights are without converter and dry with stock components. 1l 6. Torque the transmission to engine mounting bolts to 40 ft/lb. With thousands of makes, models and years to choose from, as well as common parts including head lights, tail lights, side view and rear view mirrors, cooling fans and much more. Step 2. e. Put the sensor on the rear output of the t-case for the speedo, the stand alone harness for the 4L80e will need both of the VSS to control the shifting properly Click the button below to add the 4L60E TRANSMISSION EXTENSION TAIL HOUSING BOLT SET OF SIX to your wish list. A hole sized 1/4” in diameter is sufficient. Fly Wheel Housing Cover to Transmission Screw: 7-62: Pump body to Cover Screw: 24: 18-Pump Assembly to Case Screw: 24: 18-Rear Servo Cover to Case Screw: 24: 18-Pressure control Solenoid Bracker to Valve Body: 8-71: Parking Pawl Bracker to Case Screw: 24: 18-Accumulator Housing to Valve Body Screw: 11-97: Fourth Clutch Screw: 16: 12-Pan to case The tail housing is the same length as the stock tail housing which means you can use your existing drive shaft. (Outer Diameter) is larger compared to the  TH400 & 4L80 Billet Tailshaft Housing (Standard Length). 5 inches. Driving with a broken Pathfinder tail lamp assembly compromises lighting system integrity, and it potentially compromises your vehicle's safety. 3 flex plate. If you need to order the pilot extension separately, use SUM-704004. But, GM had been in transmission limbo, so to speak, needing a modern transmission to fill the duty gap between the excellently versatile 4L60E (and its tougher 4L65 & 4L70 variants) and the Allison transmissions. $12. Six bolt has no park/neutral switch/454TBI. 4L80E Specifications. 2060662. Of course, this conversion will also require a new driveshaft as the 4L80E is longer than the typical short tailshaft TH-400 that is currently in your car. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model JK tail light housing screws While replacing the tail light wiring harness with a new Omix/ADA part from Quadratec, one of the longer (inside pair) screws disappeared. The 700R4/4L60/4L80E can be good transmissions to use behind the Cadillac 472 and 500, due to the fact that you can run 4. Small-Block Engines Chevrolet small-block engines, produced by General Motors, include the 267-, 327- and 350-cubic-inch V8s. Adapts the Chevy & GMC 4L80E, TH400 automatic transmissions to NP208, Transfer Case Tail Housing C16258 4 Bolt NP231 NP233 NP241 NP242 NP243 or tag numbers off old part; Tooth counts or dimensions; Pictures of your old part. At Jake’s Performance the 4L80E is our most popular transmission. We also need to know if you have a LS1 type motor and bell housing bolt pattern. Fits GT28RS, GT2871R, and GT2876R turbos that have the 53. Standard Tailshaft - 13 1/8 inch long, most applications. 28 Dec 2010 Will a 4L80E/NP241 t-case adapter work for a TH400/NP241 conversion? It has the same bolt pattern but a different indexing ring. Tail housing instructions Oil from tube lubes the case and extension housing bushings only. What about size/weight of the 4L80E? The 4L80E weighs 178 lbs in typical configuration. 5-inch rearend to make it really handle all that much more power, JC explained. 1310 Series 32 spline T-400, 4L80, 4L85, 6L80 Light TRUCK Transmission Slip yoke. EPC (electronic pressure control) solenoid and some have the longer shifter shaft to allow use of the MLPS . I am I build 4x4's all the time and if the rear planet has the reluctor wheel I leave it on. 5 Thread Size, 1. The GM 4L80E 4-speed overdrive transmission is the ultimate overdrive platform to suit virtually combination that requires the strongest overdrive transmission possible. 659 inch: 48008 $ 9. Install the tail housing and tighten all six bolts securely. Each set will convert your overdrive automatic transmission to a factory mechanical speedometer. 3 4L80E Swap & General Information. See Figure 7. and are of the traditional bellhousing bolt pattern used on SBC and BBC engines. Re: 4WD 4L80E to 2WD Van 01-12-05 01:34 PM - Post# 598796 In response to G35Vortec454 You need a tail housing (aka extension housing) it will bolt right onto your 4x4 case, and you'll need the output shaft. Connecting Rod Bolts: M9 x 1 x 43. The 4L80E is the descendant of the “Ole Reliable” TH400 transmission. On Vortec engines with a cast aluminum oil pan, torque the lower transmission mounting bolts (threading into the oil pan) to 33 ft/lb. Installing 1st design shaft into 2nd design unit will cause lube and actuator feed oil to mix. 559 in. 3 diesel bolt pattern. 2014 Yamaha Bolt XVS950 Parts & Accessories at RevZilla. The torque wrench allows the mechanic to tighten the bolts at a specific pressure called pound-feet. That would be a function of year, as the ’94 & ’95 cars use a different connector than the 96’s. However I do believe the bolt on yoke 4l80e's had shorter spline lingth output shaft length from transmission case to the end should match the above 6 1 /4". CL TO CL:  9H, 36180 · Extension Housing to Case O Ring, 91-ON, 1. Seems way easier to me than a lot of electronic nonsense for the 4L80E, unless you're into that sort of tech for a car. 50 ft-lbs : Oil Pan Bolts. Nov 07, 2009 · How many bolts hold the engine to the bell housing on a 1999 Chevy Suburban K1500 5. BOLT HOLE DIAMETER: 0. I would like to find a short 2 wheel drive tail housing with a bolt on yoke. Same as General Motors 3920486. . A Th400 to np208 The tail housing length of a 4L80E is 3 inches vs 2 and 3/8 on a TH400. 48/1. 35 ft-lbs : Converter Housing Bolts. Seal Rear 2wd 4 Bolt mount Type: 462074A $ 6. Connecting Rod P/N: 12649190. All tail housings are hot tanked, glass beaded, painted with cast blast, a new bushing, seal and a Stewart Warner air vent is installed. Grab a 4 feet extension and impact. 0s and 6. Step 1. Made from 5/16” steel plate, CNC cut. 678E Output Shaft, 8 1/8” w/ O-Ring (w/ Lube Hole) 2wd (Bolt-On Yoke Type) . Speedometer Housing. Add to Cart Jul 19, 2017 · AUTOSAVER88 2. Heck it fell somewhere and I can't find it. 4s. Custom length output shaft and tail housing (Power Glide length) available for and additional cost. Gently pull the speedometer gear housing from the tail housing. com from top brands. You can differentiate the Chevy TH400 from the Buick-Olds-Pontiac transmissions by its specific bell-housing bolt pattern and the fact that it only came with 4-inch/small-yoke or 9-inch/large yoke tail-shafts. Bolt 3/4”-16x4 5/16” with castle nut for safety chains WILLYS MBT BANTAM T3. Apply RTV sealer GM P/N 12345739 to the rear extension housing sealing surfaces. 75 shipping . It is a simple 30 minute bolt-on installation. 75 x 70mm) Rear shock axle housing mounting bolts(12mm x 1. Step 3. The 4L80/5E trans is huge! Some think or want to claim it's made from a TH400, this seems true, but for from the truth. Those were a short tail trans because they usually went into a 4x4 transfer case, you needed the short tail housing and the right yoke to convert to 2WD. Note: The mounting pad is usually a part of the extension housing, but the graphic shows it on the maine case. There are 2 different screw types on JK Taillights. The 4l80e has a w4L 80 E of 236 lbs, and the 4l60e has the w4L 80 E of 150 lbs. OR,if you can find a round bolt pattern 205,a 4wd 4l-80,and the near mythical 91 4l-80 adapter,your in business. Use the drill to enlarge the feed passage in the overrun clutch housing as well. 443 A C 4L80E (MT-1), 4L85E (MN8) 4 SPEED RWD (Electronic Control) Revision 06/2019 Replacement Bolt 4th Clutch to Case 4L80E - Replacement Bolt, 4th Clutch and Bushing to Transmission Case 4L80E. Related Products 4L60E GM 4X4 EXTENSION HOUSING CASTING#15726252 TRANSFER CASE ADAPTER*GASKETS* $45. 700, BAND 2ND/4TH HIGH ENERGY 4L60E 92-UP BORG WARNER DARK GREEN LINING. Will fit years from 1982 - 1995. Might look dumbass with my question, but, if I get, let's say a 1997 4L80E from a 2WD, can I use it on a 1997 4WD? Should I have only to swap the tail housing extension and go? 1994 full size BLAZER aka Caramel (sold) This kit adapts the Cad 472/500/425 to a Chevy V8 bell housing bolt pattern. The 4L60E bellhousing can bolt to either engine, although you may need an adapter to get a Gen III transmission to bolt to Gens I and II and vice versa. The 4L80E has a max torque rating of 440 lb. Bolthead and castle nut are machined to correct height and width. I am Bolt - 6mm-x-25mm Available In Stock. 5 70mm-1 neededM10 1. Speedo Housing Tab & Bolt. Sonnax Part Summary; Sonnax Now Offers A Specially Designed Torx Plus® Bit 77000-hbk For Removing 4l60-e Bell-housing Bolts. 96-98 small block vans and trucks with electric speedometer. Notes. Sale. Crankshaft Main Journal Dia. 4l60e 4x4 6 bolt transfer case adapter #15724744 tail housing*new gaskets*4l65e. C3DA-6394-A – Cast Aluminum, 3 Bolt starter, early Dagenham trans, 8. Aug 19, 2009 · Your TH400 may be the one with the case that bolts up to a '57-up Buick nailhead. Check the engagement of the governor gear and speedometer-driven gears. 00 : 68-69 Charger Front Valance OEM Correct 4L80E / 4L85E Transmission Fits All Years, Makes & Models Below: ** NOTE ** - We recommend counting the number of pan bolts you have before ordering. Also solve for RPM, Tire Size and MPH. use ctrl-f to search . The 4L60E features a 27-spline output shaft vs. Oct 07, 2016 · Kind of a long post I'm having trouble identifying a 4L80e core I just recently purchased for my 1953 2-Ton GMC project. The traditional small-block six-bolt bellhousing pattern is the best and easiest way to identify a 4L60E style transmission if you find one at the swap meet for sale. 75 overdrive. 75" x 3. tranny's (2. Dec 26, 2019 · But, you might be thinking, “I can upgrade my 10-bolt to take more power. 95 . Your Mustang T5 will require a S10 tail housing to place the shifter box in front of the cross member. The orientation is self explanatory if you observe the bolt pattern. 1 Dec 2017 11. (Outer Diameter) is larger compared to the 91- 03  4L60E to 4L80E Swap, Attention 4WD Owners with Superchargers. 50 . These years have extended length crankshaft flange and will NOT fit. We used after market converter bolts that were stronger than stock bolts; however, stock converter bolts can be used. 7l/6. Crossmember Nuts and Bolts. 48 second, 1. SW44 kit includes new tail housing, drive gear, sleeve and driven gear, sleeve retainer, and bolt. ) TH700E (4L60E) Mar 14, 2013 · Your truck has a 4L80E transmission, not a 4L60E. 5″, while the 4L80e has a weight of 236 lbs and a length of 26. Fits T5, T10, Super T10, Saginaw, Muncie GM applications. 75 x 70mm or you can use a 1/2" x 1. Determine which of the above tail shafts your 4L80 has, and order the corresponding kit number. The overall size/weight, 13" converter vs 12" for 4l60e (both stock) which is added reciprocating weight (added lbs of converter and extra fluid it holds), worst 1st gear ratio of the GM O. Add to Cart. 8l/5. 5 35mm-2 neededM10 1. 5" with 1350 yoke. Place a new tail housing gasket on the case. Northwest Fabworks has a 0. Take care not to damage the threads where the speedometer cable attaches. M. 75 model # 3658 : screw, button head, hex The 4L80E uses the larger 32-spline output shaft and offers the highest torque capacity (over 700 ft-lbs in the aftermarket JET model). Apply LocTite 242 or 262 to the threads of the torque converter bolts, and torque the TC bolts to 45 ft/lb. 507J TCC Valve End Plug, . 48 first gear, 1. All LS engines used the standard GM bellhousing bolt pattern. The appropriate flexplate, crank adapter and required bolts are also included so a standard GM converter with a small bolt circle drops right in. Nov 19, 2011 · 4l80e mount to tail housing bolts????? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Your transmission should have 17-Bolts. NI, 38162  2 Nov 2013 3) bolt on extension housing The only hang-up might be the transmission output shaft to transfer case input gear, if there is a size difference. 75" Inlet Exhaust Tip, 2. 4l80e/th400 rebuilt direct drum First, to say the 4L80E is a little stronger than (ANY) other GM transmission is to say Full Size truck is a little bigger than a S-10! There is no little about it. Kohler Engines and Parts Store : Bolts - Misc Engines & Parts Shipping Option Tecumseh Engine Parts Denso Spark Plugs Oregon Equipment Parts AYP / Electrolux Zama Carburetors & Parts Walbro Carburetors & Parts Kawasaki Engine Parts Kohler Engines / Parts Tillotson Carburetors & Parts Stens Equipment Parts Warner Electric PTO Clutches Ogura Electric PTO Clutches Oregon Chainsaw & Forestry MTD 4l60e To 4l80e Swap Crossmember 4x4. 14 Jul 2010 Automatic Transmission - What size bolts for bellhousing/tail shaft? - Hey, Im in the middle of an LS1/4L60E swap into my third gen, and I have  4L80E 04-UP REBUILT EXTENSION TAIL HOUSING 6 BOLT MT1 YOLK difference being the bushing O. The gearing to move such a heavy load is a 2. -ft. 00 optional to use stock speedometer Transmission controller EZ-TCU TCI 30282 EZ-TCU $600. 75 x 70mm) Upper control arm axle housing bolts(12mm x 1. This is a special hollow bolt; oil must flow through it to the intermediate clutch. 335308. Hughes Performance has a 4L80E transmission available for practically any engine combination and power level. (Click on the name Style, A, B, C, D, E. The 27-spline shaft is found in applications that use the TH350, 4L60E and 700R4 transmission. the 4L80E's 32-spline output shaft. Reid after market dag case, with standard dual bearing tail housing. Automatic Transmission Dimensions. Casting # Picture: Application. Or any other really abusive application you can come up with - Chevy, GM, Dodge, Ford or custom! The Doubler is an all gear, dual transfer case system uniquely suited to full size trucks or other heavy duty, high output/abusive applications because of the durability of its GM 3. the out put shafts are the same diam and spline count. I have been told, and am trying to verify, that the unit itself (not the tail housing adapter) has the same bolt pattern as a few of the transfer cases that bolt up to the the 4wd e4od. Hands down. Oct 29, 2015 · Tail Housing and Speedometer Gears Removal. Good luck. The bolt torque is actually 18 lb ft for the pan to case bolts. Set includes. If using the 3 inch 4x4 4L80E tailshaft, you need to use the long input on the transfer case. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. These cases have a 40 pulse VSS tail housing and special 4L80E adapter casting. 2L petrol transfer case GQ / Y60 - 4. Using the ’95 FSM and 4L80E SRTA manual, the car’s transmission connector was repopulated to match what the transmission expected. All Circle 6-bolt SM465 are the long input) Please don't post the other guys tail housing. classic ccg i like cars older than me. Drive in a new bushing and seal. The 4L80E has proven reliable like it’s predecessor. Includes metric & American bolt, depending on application. 89 x 1. curley8788 · Registered. Specifically designed to replace the factory bolt on yoke for T-400, 4L80, 4L85, 6L80 Truck Transmissions with the Threaded Hole in the center of the Output shaft. 1969 Short boss with bolt on type shift shafts - no switches. 63 A/R, or . 5" stick out from the front of the transfer case. 7 Extension Housing to Case Bolt, 4. Many of the other specifications can be gathered by deciphering the name. 5l diesel: 4l60e: van full size 1500-2500: 1996-2003: 4 sp rwd: v6 4. Short Tailshaft - 6 5/8 inch long, some pickups and vans. 225 in. The 4L80-E was heavily based on the Turbo-Hydramatic 400 first produced in October 1963, adding electronic controls and an overdriven fourth gear. I have a 1972 Chevelle with a TH400 trans behind a 396 and am trying to put in a 4L80E. Results 1 - 24 of 288 Order AT Extension Housing Gasket/Seal for your vehicle and pick it up in store— make your purchase, Outside Diameter (in): 2. 1970-74 Short boss bolt on type w/ TCS switch on 3-4. A-Body . 7 Hemi to GM PG, TH350 or TH400: 80027 1967 - 1968 Firebird Tail Light Housing Mounting Studs and Nuts Set PART NUMBER: LIG-2105 1967 - 1978 Banjo Bolt Set, Brake Hose to Caliper, Size 7/16-20, Economy Oct 07, 2005 · I have a 1979 f159 4x4 that I want to change to two wheel drive. This moves the rear transmission mount to the same position as a TH400 (short-style) or 200-4R transmission. Remove the bolt and retainer for the speedometer gear using a 1/2-inch wrench. 4 Inches, and the 4l60e has a length of 23. Put it in a safe place until reassembly of the unit. 250'' Diameter Imidized Plastic Bag of 10, 93-ON, 1. Perhaps the 2 dowels are too rusted? or I missed a bolt because region above bell housing and back of engine are too close to the firewall & tunnel? 1979 - 1996 Tail Light Socket with Wiring Leads 90 Degree Angle Socket for Turn, Park, Stop, Reverse, More PART NUMBER: LIG-707 Nissan Patrol engine conversion using the 4L80E automatic transmission To suit: GQ / Y60 - 4. 1998 started all 4L60E's with the 2-piece case. Dewhel LS Engine Transmission 4L60e Bell Housing Bolts Set Kit T56 LS1 4L80e in Bell Housings. 727 inch: 48008D $ 9. Classic Industries® is offering mechanical speedometer conversion sets for the 4L80E, 4L85E late model GM overdrive automatic transmissions. Otherwise the rest of the specs above are correct for your truck. Automatic Transmission Application Guide . 11 gears and not over rev the engine with the overdriven 4th gear. GM T5, T56, 4l60E and 4L80E Cable Drive Speedometer Conversions and T5 speedometer as well as a block-off plug & bolt for the [mechanical] speedometer cable hole. Using a 12-point 3/8-inch socket, remove the center support retaining bolt. 066J Extension Housing (Not Yet Available) . 7l: 4l60e: 16 bolt pan: van full size 2500: 1996-2003: 4 sp rwd: v6 4. Handlebar Switch Housing Kit - HSG KIT STD CHR 08-13FLHR Chrome 6mm Flange Hex Bolt (large 10mm wrench size, . 00 Aug 19, 2009 · Your TH400 may be the one with the case that bolts up to a '57-up Buick nailhead. Discussion Starter • #1 Tail / Extension Housing To Transmission Bolts. The 4L80E is a manual transmission that has a maximum engine input torque of 440 lb-ft and is capable of providing an output torque of up to 885 lb-ft. 7S-35B 700-R4 to 350 4X4 2. 33: Bushing Extension Housing 1. 6" spacer part # BA-4L80E-400 that will bolt in between the 4L80E and the adapter. How to tell: There's a short bell between the trans case and the block. The shifter assembly is a 1963-64 Galaxie/Fairlane T10 unit with a shorter handle. 5” clutch, 132T flywheel, 5. Tab & bolt for GM Speedo housing. #06-45 (Page 9 of 11) 4L80E - 97 and Later Models Output Shaft remove bolt #26 in the first picture and the front plantary will slide out the output shaft's do interchange between th400 and 4L80E the tail housing bolt pattern is the same on both if you are going to run the 4L80E in a early truck what are you going to use to make it shift ????and are you going to use the lock up converter ???? Dec 31, 2013 · One of the things I'm going to do is replace the current leaking SP400 with a 4L80E out of a 1-ton van I bought some years ago. There are at least three different output shafts for two wheel drives. 3l v8 5. Bolts, Screws & Fasteners. Plus, with the lockup clutch, it works very well once the trans shifts into high gear. This tag is normally under the second bolt from the top on the left side of the transmission. But for reasons I haven't figured out yet, rebuildable cores in this area seem to be insanely priced. 750 in. 78 cm; 249 Grams. Supplied with a mounting bolt kit and 1 piece machined shims to set your converter end play. Aug 09, 2009 · The 4L80E, an electronic, overdrive-equipped version of the venerable TH-400, is tough enough to handle just about whatever hell you put it through when built properly. The stock 23-spline input gear for the Dana 300 is retained, and the tail housing bolts directly to the mounting face of the Dana 300 transfer case. 684" Diameter (Bag of 5) . 0l/5. $9. $179. $129. Nuts. transmission mount bolt size. 4L80E. It feeds the planets. The 4L80E has an overdrive gear with a ratio of 0. Made tail wheel bearing kit used on cast hub and 1" in axle bolt bhtwk10 one brand new aftermarket replacement wheel bearing kit made to fit bush hog models:104, 105, 1050, 1051, 109, 1109, 1126, 1… MSRP: speedometer housing 4L80E Mechanical Speedometer Tail Housing and Speedometer Gears $625. 33: Bushing Tail housing Dodge: 4874288 Strange Engineering Ring and Pinion Gear Ratio Calculator. - The 4L80E has a lower, removable bell housing cover. 8 14040 at Advance Auto Parts. Quad shock axle housing mounting bolts(12mm x 1. 1st and 2nd design shafts do not interchange. I talked to a guy that did a 502/4l80e swap into a 70 Chevelle. From 4L80E, the 4 indicates that the transmission has 4 gears. There are plenty of adapters and conversion packages packages available to install the NV4500 transmissions into virtually any vehicle. The 4L80E keeps doesn’t drop the engine rpm as much between shifts because it is a heavy duty transmission and assumes that you could very well be pulling a load. The pump housing will only orient one way, since there is only one area of the pump which has two bolts close together. The bolts holding the transmission in place are 1 time use TTY (Torque To Yield) and should always be replaced when working in this area. The Ford 6 bolt pattern is different from the GM 6 bolt pattern, so there is that. Like the other GM automatics, the 4L80E featured a die-cast aluminum case. I am running a 10 bolt rear end so I am sure that I will need a different yoke for that too by going this route. 625" w/ Bearing (2wd) (91-Up) A Brand New 4L80, 4L80E & 4L85E extension housing. More about the 4L60E 4L60E 700R4 Tail Housing comes with both Speedometer Gears and Electronic Speed Sensor. 99 $ 13. 340. Comes with 2 Bolt Bottom Mount Tail Housing. 3 V6 engines. It was given a center top bolt to retain 6 motor attachment bolts, it had 7 bolt holes in the bell-housing altogether. 1. 55 ft-lbs : Clevis Bracket / Rear Support Bolts. Ford and Mopar and Browell bell housings are available for an additional cost. Make sure you get parts for a 4L80E, not a 4L60E. 8L-231ci-V6 Engine Torque Specs. 3l and the 4l60e? i bought a motor and trans for my - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Oct 02, 2020 · The 4L80e is much larger and heavier than the 4L60E. 75 x 80mm) Lower control arm axle housing bolts(12mm x 1. 00. 48. Item# FN10554 9mm x 16mm Hole Size Head Size:13mm x 20mm Stem Length: 17mm Black Nylon Rear Light Housing Grommets W/Sealer G. Underhead Length, Steel, Zinc Plated, Chevy, Set of 8 Part Number: ICB-551684 ( 1 ) The 4L80E was used for heavier duty trucks. 3950306. 700R4 / 4L60 / 4L80E. I have a 1997 Chevy truck with a solid transmission in it, harness and computer as a donor for the swap. 2nd design units do not have lube holes in shaft. 40 in-lbs : Transfer Case Nuts. 4L80-Es were optioned only in Chevrolet/GMC pickups, Suburban 2500s, vans, and commercial The 6L80 would have big shoes to fill, with legendary predecessors like the TH400, 4L80E and 4L60E transmissions. 4l60e To 4l80e Swap Crossmember 4x4. QTY $10. transmission bell housing bolt size? Discussion in 'Transmissions' started by classic ccg, Apr 17, 2013. 700R4 Dana 60 Vs 14 Bolt Sf. But while the 4L80E is a strong, heavy-duty transmission, during the first few years of production the 4L80E was not as durable as its design permitted due mainly to faulty parts. this means that dimension "C" is usually longer than dimension "B". Twin stick option for the Dana 300 transfer case. Note: The first bell housing shown in this article is a 2. Joined: Feb 18, 2011 It may have been necessary to re-pin the VSS connector to fit the 4L80E housing. 12 Sep 2003 The tail housing has two ball bearings in it and the overall length of i will find a regular bolt on yoke that would accept the u joint size it has  008J 4L80E (w/ Bonded Pistons & Turbulator Steels) . It may have been necessary to re-pin the VSS connector to fit the 4L80E housing. 2L diesel transfer case GU / Y61 - 4. DKT : 1964-65 Falcon 1964-73 Mustang, Cougar 1966-68 Fairlane, Cyclone, Ranchero, Torino 289, 302, 390 190109Automatic 4-Speed 4L60E M30 4 Bolt Housing Automatic 4-Speed 4L60E – 4 Bolt Housing. Can the 4L80E yoke be used as a slip yoke (same length as the TH400 yoke) by removing the bolt which holds it on the output shaft. The 4L80E is very close to the same length as a 4L60E. $0. 670″ OD) 48008 $ 9. 8/5. com. 02 + View more Bolts parts > Mercedes-Benz. The rear tailhousing bolt pattern remained the same, but its indexing bore diameter was changed. 2 different length inputs used (short input 2" known to be used in 1985 W/TH400 and most were long 3. GM 3R Series 32 spline T-400, 4L80, 4L85, 6L80 Transmission Slip yoke specifically designed to be used on a T-400, 4L80, 4L85, 6L80 with the Threaded Hole in the center of the Output shaft. 8L V6 Switch Kit. 700R4 tail housing with transmission mount (7 3/8 inches long). Tighten Tighten the rear extension housing bolts to 31 N·m (23 lb ft). There is a tail shaft housing on 4x4 trany but different that the 2-wheel drive trany. SKU 271120. Joined Apr 26, 2006 · 3,971 Posts . 100 in. Tail Housing: Without: Transmission Speeds: 4-Speed: Pan Bolts: 17: Lockup: Yes: Transmission Family: 4L80E: Transmission Fluid: 13: Bell Housing: No Bolt Hole at the 12 O'clock Position: Cooler Lines: 2 Inch Apart: Output Type: 4WD: Transmission Manufacturer: General Motors: Shift Type: 3/4 Inch Manual Shift Shaft Size: Neutral Safety Switch TRE-10-1MAG Dual Bolt Pattern GM, Ford Magnesium Maincase AT10-107A Bearing Midplate TRE-10-107SA T6 Aluminum Bearing Midplate AT10W-7L Aluminum Tail Housing AT10W-7LFA Fully Assembled Aluminum Tail Housing TRE10-7MAG Magnesium Tail Housing (Must Use T6 Mid-plate) TRE10-7MAGFA Fully Assembled Magnesium Tail Housing (Must Use T6 Midplate) The main point of having tail lights is to show other drivers your vehicle profile and size, so they can be safe even when the weather gives you low visibility. USED TAIL HOUSINGS. TCI® Triple-Disc, Bolt-Together Torque Converter for GM 4L80E Applications; A Brand New 4L65E, 700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E extension housing. (1) An extension housing p/n 8673406 (old p/n 24214689) is available for the TH700R4/4L60 transmission that moves the rear transmission mount to the same position as a TH400 (short-style 4” tail) or TH2004R transmission. On the other hand, the 4l80e has a length of 26. Do you know what parts I need to use? The driveshaft which I will be using is a stock shaft out of a 97 Chevy 2500 pickup. 00 Parts for 4L80E: compare prices for Overhaul Kits, Friction Kits, Bushings, Bearing, Solenoid Kits, Valve body, Torque converters, Planetary Gear kits, Filters 700R4 transmission swap kits,700R4 transmission parts. 25 16 mm 5 speed ka24de bellhousing bolts: M10 1. It shares many components and design features. 08: Seal Rear 4X2 (Jeep) 83504419 $ 13. And the overall length of this transmission and adapter is 30. You need to put the factory back in or you will be pulling the trans back out because it was smoked that back line fitting has a sleeve on the end that slides into a seal into the center support. This part can be purchased for the same truck as all the other parts. $44. This transmount Dip Stick mounts to the bell housing and the correct length for 4L80E. ACURA. 500 in. 0l/8. 4l60e To 4l80e Swap Crossmember 4x4 vancouverbc wrote:s13 pressure plate bolts M8 1. The kit includes new tail housing, drive gear, sleeve and driven gear, sleeve retainer, and bolt. 105 in-lbs : Primary Fluid Filter Screw. Everything else looks ok. BEARING SIZE: 1. Mar 21, 2012 · Throttle Body Bolts 106 lb in Transmission Housing Bolt 37 lb ft Valve Lifter Guide Bolts 106 lb in Valve Rocker Arm Bolts 22 lb ft Valve Rocker Arm Cover Bolts 106 lb in Water Inlet Housing Bolts 11 lb ft Water Pump Bolts (First Pass) 11 lb ft Water Pump Bolts (Final Pass) 22 lb ft Water Pump Cover Bolts 11 lb ft I hope this helped, Mar 28, 2007 · if you choose to modify a 2-wd trans like i did,give the tailshaft housing to your machinist,and tell him/her to make the adapter the same. Years. A 4L60E weighs approx. BIG KIT. 50 x 15mm Class 9. May 16, 2011 · Really need to know my options. Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, hot rod, street rod and towing Apr 19, 2018 · 4L80E vs TH400 Gearing. While Ford used aluminum for these tags, GM used steel which is prone to rusting. The transfer case is one piece of cast iron. 2L diesel transfer case 1. Cause. The only exception falls with some 1999-2000 6. The 4L80-E (and similar 4L85-E) was a series of heavy-duty automatic transmissions from General Motors designed for longitudinal engine configurations. hey man, I noticed that you replaced that back line fitting near the tail housing with aftermarket one. 1967 - 1968 Firebird Tail Light Housing Mounting Studs and Nuts Set PART NUMBER: LIG-2105 1967 - 1978 Banjo Bolt Set, Brake Hose to Caliper, Size 7/16-20, Economy Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2013 Toyota RAV4 Tail Light Assembly from AutoZone. 420 inch deep) DRAG SPECIALTIES Rating: 0%. The DNE2 bolts to the 2wd c6 through the use of a separate tail housing adapter that replaces the stock unit. bell housing, and tail 1996-1997 full size trucks still got the 1-piece cases. 7l: 4l60e 4L80E Performance Specs. 7777777777778E-6 meter/second [m/s]. The Names You Trust, the Expertise You Can Count On. 00 This bell housing accepts the Borg Warner/Tremec T5 Transmission (Ford Mustang bolt pattern) and positions it 5. Remove Oil Pump, Manual Shaft and Speedometer Gear Housing Step 1: Remove Oil Pump, Manual Shaft and Speedometer Gear Housing . 8L/4L80e van C2500 TCM tune to get the transmission to shift correctly. Tail housing bolts can be added if needed. C4 (bellhousing pattern (removable) - 4 Cylinder, Small Block, Big Custom made deep Moroso aluminum pan, oem size . Crankshaft P/N: 12588613. - Now it’s time to remove the bell housing bolts. 32 Mopar Partial Body Fastener Kits: 1970-1974 Dodge Challenger. 3952642. 10: Bushing Jeep AX5 EXT HSG 1. Dec 05, 2007 · To access each bolt, use the converter access hole to turn the flex plate with a screwdriver. 82 A/R. If automatics are your passion, there are several that will bolt into a but can be exchanged for a different extension housing that has a mount provision. 50” from the standard Model A flywheel housing. If you are using a custom made rear bearing housing (replaces the governor housing) make sure that there is a vent hole drilled through the bearing housing to allow venting from the tailshaft housing back to the case. This yoke comes standard with our billet caps, you can also use Spicer U-Bolts with these yokes. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. Transmission Tags: 1350, 1480, ball bearing tail housing, Billet, Billet U-Bolts,  Chevy Silverado with a cracked extension housing leaking trans fluid. Accumulator Forward Accumulator Cover to Valve Body Bolt, 3. 75:1. The down side is its size, at 225 pounds with converter and gaskets-bolts-misc; governors; 4l80e/4l85e 4x4 *reman* aluminum transfer case extension tail housing adapter add to cart. WILL FIT 82-UP GM Chevrolet Chevy 4L60E 4L65E Transmission Parts: 4L60E, SHIFT CORRECTION PACKAGE 4L60E 93-UP (SUPERIOR) GM Chevrolet Chevy 4L60E 4L65E Transmission Parts Aug 08, 2013 · Also, the 4L80E transmission is typically about 4 inches longer than a TH400 (depending on the length of the extension housing), but the trans mount is located roughly 112 inches rearward. The case and tailhousing dimensions are identical to the LT1 T56. No adapter plate required. 0; 800-708-0087 4L80E Brake Tail Housing. It’s not as aggressive as the 4L60E though, which has a final gear ratio of . Feb 20, 2014 · When a 4L60 won’t cut it and a Turbo 400’s lack of overdrive has your engine howling on the highway, a 4L80E might be the solution to your transmission woes. Click image for detail view. Standard gear ratio is the OEM 2. Don't worry about the wear on the shafts. 00 Transfer Case To 4wd Adapter Housing Gasket 6 Bolt 4x4 Chevy Gmc Dodge The rear tailhousing bolt indexing bore diameter was changed on the 4L80E. The 200R4 can be built to take the torque of a 455 and I think both it and the early 700R4 just need a $40 lockup switch kit to run in a non-computer car. M10. 5mm turbine wheel. We must have the input shaft spline count when ordering a converter for a 200-4R, 700R4, 4L60 or 4L60E transmission. I bought a 2002 freshly built 2wd 4L80e but it does not have a tail shaft housing. Will fit years from 1991 - UP. 1997 Chevrolet K1500 5. i. Also if you put a 4x4 shaft in a 2wd case make sure you plug the rear lube hole at the back of the case where the 4x4 tail housing bolts to. While the 4L80E offers excellent torque capacity (over 700 ft-lbs in aftermarket applications), its extra weight is a downside. 375” thick. 5-inch difference in overall length, bellhousing face to tailshaft, compared with the 4L60E; this Four bolts connect the tail shaft (or transfer case) to the transmission. Notice it looks like the same bell but with a different bolt pattern. 0 x 17. 13H, 38210 NI, 37195 · Checkball 0. 4L80E 4L80E (17 Pan Bolts) 4L85E 4T40E 4T40E (12 Pan Bolts) 4T45E 4T45E (Hybrid)(ME7)_ 4T60E 4T65E 4T65E (20 Pan Bolts) 6L45 6L50 6L80 6L90 6T30 6T40 6T45 6T70 6T75 8L90 125 125C 180C 200 200-4R 200C 350 350 (4 Bolt Extention Housing) 400 400 (6 Bolt Extention Housing) 440-T4 700R4 700R4 (16 Pan Bolts) AW55-50SN AW80-40LE Allison 1000/2000/2400 Mar 28, 2007 · if you choose to modify a 2-wd trans like i did,give the tailshaft housing to your machinist,and tell him/her to make the adapter the same. Just plug off the speed sensor hole if not needed. Seeing as I have a 2 piece drive shaft with a carrier bearing in the middle, a "slip" section in the rear shaft, and two CV-joints in the rear shaft. Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and the Lowest Prices - Guaranteed Oct 07, 2016 · Rear Shock (axle housing mounting bolts) =-- 12mm x 1. They say the only difference between the 80e and 400 is that ones electronic, the other isn't. This permits the adaptation of the GM 4L80E to small block, big block, and Gen 3 Hemi Chrysler engines; small block, big block and Modular/Coyote Ford engines; Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Pontiac engines; as well as update the case for Chevrolet applications. 12”, 9. 33: Bushing Tail Jeep Dodge 1. 5-inch, 10-bolt rear is purely limited by the size of the ring-and-pinion,” he explained. If they were equipped with a 4L80E, they have a . ) NP208, NP231, NP233, NP236, NP241, NP243, NP246, NP261 with 32 SPLINE OUTPUT, some NP263 (with Slip yoke type) image #066 Item #331066 NP241 transfer cases come with either a 23-spline female input. 26 ft-lbs : Oil Filter, Cooler Return. 75 + $36. $4. And vice-versa, if you go to 2wd make sure you get the plug with a needle size hole in it to put in there. 6-bolt 4L80E tail housing; Drive gear; Sleeve; Sleeve retainer & bolt; Driven gear assembly; Helpful Links Tail Housing Our 6061 T6 tailshaft housing features dual SKF roller bearings spread apart for maximum rigidity a triple lip seal and billet 1350 or optional 1480 yoke. 5" 14 bolt semi floater. Bolts, Screws & Fastners 1970 Dodge Challenger Complete Tail Light Housing Mount Kit CORRECT!! $53. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right price. What's In The Box. Starting in 1996, many 4L60E transmissions employed a bolt-on bellhousing. NOTE: We take trade-ins on tail housings. $11. Model. Built to transfer the Cadillac torque through the rest of the drive train without the failures common with light duty adapters. 00 third, and 0. This is a simple 30-minute bolt-on installation. The tail housing is the same length as the stock tail housing which means you can use your existing drive shaft. 725″ OD: 462066 $ 8. (Removable tail, large round electrical connector on left side, 17 bolt oil pan comes to a point in the rear. Dec 01, 2017 · If you need to order the spacer and bolts separately, use SUM-704000. JEGS LS Series Bellhousing Bolts are made from high strength, grade 10. Your other option is, if you're going with an aftermarket torque converter anyways, is to have the torque converter made with the correct offsets and mounting pads to bolt up to the stock 4. Categories. 4″. Jul 14, 2019 · The Borg Warner T-5 is generally identified by a 1352-xxx number stamped on a metal tag on a tail housing bolt. $29. 00 others available throttle position sensor $150. 06 for the 700/4l60e), and if you want to run it in an older car/truck (4l80e) you have to go manual valvebody or with Chevrolet bellhousing for the Reid Racing 2 piece Super 80® transmission case fits all Chevys including small block, big block, and LS V8’s along with 4. 84 in-lbs : Oil Pump Bolt. 4L80 / 4L80E / 4L85E Extension Housing, 6. I know ford make a standard 2 wheel drive extension with a slip yoke that is listed at 13", but I'm looking for something shorter and a bolt on yoke with a decent size u joit (1350). 1997-2006 4L80E StreetFighter Transmission . 4L80E TAIL HOUSING EXTENSION GM, CHEVY 4L80E OUTPUT SHAFT 97-UP 24221768 8677464. The easiest way to remove the top, center bolt in the housing is to allow the engine and trans hang like currently are. Many of the adapter flexplates are drilled with multiple converter bolt patterns. 400˝ extended crankshaft to work with it, so any of the older transmissions will bolt right up. I am pretty sure that I will have to get a new chip in the computer and modify the drive shaft. They’re application-specific, and come in your choice of black oxide finished chrome moly or rust-proof stainless steel, with handy 12-point or standard hex heads. C. Install the seal. 5" x 12" Chrome Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Tailpipe Tip, Bolt/Clamp On Design. Mar 21, 2012 · Throttle Body Bolts 106 lb in Transmission Housing Bolt 37 lb ft Valve Lifter Guide Bolts 106 lb in Valve Rocker Arm Bolts 22 lb ft Valve Rocker Arm Cover Bolts 106 lb in Water Inlet Housing Bolts 11 lb ft Water Pump Bolts (First Pass) 11 lb ft Water Pump Bolts (Final Pass) 22 lb ft Water Pump Cover Bolts 11 lb ft I hope this helped, 2060989. See Figure 8. 3 May 2011 4l60e deep or shallow pan, or 4l80e, (depending on the bolt pattern on the extension housing of the transmission on the passenger side just  4L80E EXTENSION TAIL HOUSING, GOOD USED EXTENSION HOUSING, PARKING I can send your package by EMS with additional 25$ cost, - Size tags  1985 1991 TH400 to 6 Bolt Round NP205 will Require a 4wd 4L80E or a 2wd Np 205 rear output housing support for slip yoke and eliminator lomax sye 253 DIAMETER SHAFT GM Chevrolet Chevy 4L80E 4L85E Transmission Parts. 135-140 lbs, a TH400 weighs 135 lbs, a TH350 weighs 125 lbs. Parcel Dimensions, 14. Price : $ 3,195. Core charge and shipping crate are included in the price of these transmissions. 8L petrol transfer case GU / Y61 - 3L & 4. Rear  Contact Us · Online Catalog · Customer Login · Hot New Products · 700R4 Transmissions · 2004R Transmissions · 4L80E Transmissions · 4L60E Transmissions (Will not fit 1999-2000 6. Apply GM P/N 12345382 or the equivalent to the threads of the bolts. Long boss bolt on type w/ TCS switch on 3-4 (not verified) 3952648. There is a short bearing retainer/output housing at the tail of the case, and aluminum bearing retainers/seal retainers at the front and rear outputs but the working parts are all in a single iron housing. All , 27 11/16, integral tailhousing, 27, 3 ¾, 19 1/8 4L80E/4L85E 1991-Later ( bellhousing pattern - Chevrolet) 281/8, 253/4, 2411/16, N/A 1-Hole / 1-Bolt, 183 /4  95 Chevy Truck Transmission Np208 4l80e Th700 6 Bolt Auto Transfer Case I 39 m planning on modding the motor when I get the money and I Image Size Sort Best 4L80E TH400 Transmission Tail Housing Adapter 15654927 To NP241  End_elivehelp_btncode 4L80E, 4L85E Extension Housing (Cast Aluminum) for 2WD 4L80E 91-03 REBUILT EXTENSION TAIL HOUSING 6 BOLT MT1 YOLK difference being the bushing O. van full size 1500-2500: 4/4/1900: 4 sp rwd: v6 4. The tranny tail housing is special on the Corvette and bolts to a C-Beam that also bolts to the rear axle. Dec 13, 2009 · 4l60e bellhousing bolts: What size are the bolts between the chevy 5. 33: Bushings: Bushing Extension Housing (1. Stall speeds aren't an exact science. The Bit Has A Tighter Fit With The Drive Head Of The Bolt. The trans itself is fine but it has a bolt on rear yoke. 3l/5. See Figure 2 for the location of this vent hole. Genuine Saab Rear Windshield Wiper Nut Cover - Rear (4914131) $ 10. When ordering, provide rear axle gear ratio and tire diameter. Can also be used when you replace a TH400 or 200-4R transmission with a 700R4 to put the transmission mount in the correct position. 70:1. The 4L60E has a weight of 150 lbs without fluid and a length of 23. The bracket has as a hole for a 2" market light with grommet on one side and is open on the other. Replace that old stretched out original set with a new one. Muncie speedo gear clip. 9 steel and features a black phosphate finish. 5l diesel: 4l80e: 17 bolt pan: van full size 3500: 4/4/1900: 4 sp rwd: v6 4. Deluxe Clutch Install Kit for Mk4 Cars (AAR830) This stretch bolt kit is highly recommend when changing out a clutch. Crossmember Bolt 50 (68) Driveshaft "U" Joint Clamp Bolt 22 (30) Driveshaft Companion Flange Bolt 80 (108) Extension Housing-To-Rear Mount Bolt 50 (68) Extension Housing-To-Transmission Case Bolt 32 (43) Kickdown Band Adjusting Screw Lock Nut 30 (41) Low-Reverse Band Adjusting Screw Lock Nut 25 (34) Oil Pan Bolt 13 (17) Output Speed Sensor 20 (27) the tailshaft housing to the case. 6l90 to 4 speed swap; And the LSA kit they sell is only for manual or 6 speed auto. 5”, 8”. We offer Nov 16, 2018 · This package facilitates the installation of the Reid Racing SFI bellhousings to a GM 4L80E transmission. With the Th400 and 4L80E or manual 5 speeds are supplied with 32 spline. 5 25mm-1 needed Dec 25, 2018 · 4L80E is a TH400 with the OD added and electronic control. Call for prices. All of the 1998-up cases used behind the LS family of engines used the separate bellhousing style of case. Ross-LockTM gen 3 pro tree direct port patent pending billet aluminum valve body with adjustable servo cover. 4L80-Es were optioned only in Chevrolet/GMC pickups, Suburban 2500s, vans, and commercial Tail Housing: With: Pan Bolts: 17: 4L80E: Bell Housing: No Bolt Hole at the 12 O'clock Position 1-3/4 Inch Manual Shift Shaft Size: Other part numbers this Mar 10, 2016 · The 80 is quite a bit larger in physical size (as you can see below), which also means that it's a lot heavier. this will give you the correct indexing ring and space the mounting "foot" of the adapter out enough to not hit the transmission pan. Calculate the Gear Ratio Needed to run a certain 1/4 mile. 5L & 4. Some Dodge one ton heavy-duty units have 29 splines. ” The reality is, there isn’t a lot that can be done with the 7. Read more about the 4L80E in this May 16, 2011 · My question is does anyone know if it would be advisable to use the TH400 slip yoke for the conversion? I did notice the 4L80E yoke uses a larger universal joint. Pans modified to clear cross bars available for an additional cost. 0L engines in full-size trucks. of torque, giving it a max load capacity of 18,000 pounds. We should have the tail housing you need in stock. 95 Mopar small and big block engines, 6 bolt crank to GM Transmission Powerglide, TH350, TH400: 80012: Mopar big block and Hemi engines, 8 bolt crank to GM Transmission Powerglide, TH350, TH400: 80013: GM engine to Ford C4 or AOD Transmission: 80015: Chrysler 5. A Mustang, Falcon or Comet GM Chevy Lokar Hi-Tech Flexible Braided Stainless Trans mount Transmission Dipstick for GM 4L80E Transmission. Each set will convert your overdrive automatic transmission to a factory mechanical speedometer w hile retaining a functional VSS capability. Jan 02, 2009 · # 49. There is a small idler shaft cover on the back of the 205 with 3 small bolts holding it on. 68 Coronet Super Bee OEM Correct Tail Light Nuts . free shipping The tail housing is the same length as the stock tail housing which means you can use your existing drive shaft. Crankshaft Rod Journal Dia. Using a sharp punch, remove the tail housing seal and bushing. Location, Quantity, Size, Torque. There was a revision in mid '70's to nine mounting bolts for the valve body, previously used 8 bolts. 36 is a bit long but not many places to mount Flexplate and bolts Converter of your choice. Includes O-Ring and Grade 8 Flange head mounting bolts. Correct Length Tail Housing If aluminum, are there 4 or 6 bolts holding it on? (See Pictures) Safari & Astro Vans – Does the tail housing have 2 or 3 bolts? (See Pictures) 1991-Up Make sure you have a 700 – may be 4L80E. Oct 07, 2005 · I have a 1979 f159 4x4 that I want to change to two wheel drive. Our Street/Strip series 4L80E is a great choice for combinations producing up to 850 flywheel horsepower. This Sonnax Torx Plus Bit Is Specialty Made To Work With The Bolt Size On The 4L60E, 4L65E & 4L70E Transmissions 1998-on. Set of 8 bolts and washers Buy ICT Billet USA Made - LS Engine Transmission 4L60e Bell Housing Bolts Set Kit T56 LS1 4L80e LS1 LS3 LS2 LQ4 LQ9 LS6 L92 L99 L33 LR4 L82 L83 L84 L86 L87 LT1 L8B 551652: Bell Housings - Amazon. Like the TH400, the 4L80E generally featured a large 32   remove bolt #26 in the first picture and the front plantary will slide out the output shaft's do interchange between th400 and 4L80E the tail  4l80e 97-up Rear Ring Gear Gm 4l85e Mt1 Mn8 Chevy Transmission Main Shaft The biggest difference is probably the size & the weight between the 4L60E and 95geo built a tailhousing thats 1" shorter with the bolt pattern like a th400  The tail housing is the same length as the stock tail housing which means you can use your existing drive shaft. 250 in-lbs : Oil Pump 64-74 Mopar 383 440 426 Hemi Water Pump Housing Bolts . 445 Inch. mounts to the tailhousing with 3 bolts in an "L" pattern with the vertical part of the "L" toward the front of the tail housing. 4l80e tail housing bolt size

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